Vegas Apocalypse Quarantine Theater

LOST. VEGAS. HIWAY. follows Jeff Mix, a singer performing his gigs in Las Vegas. He stays at the Gateway Motel where desperate characters move in and out of each other’s lives. A slice of life at the lonely street of motels that can be found on Fremont Street.

Speaking of desperate, more updates on a city ready to dare the coronavirus in a few short weeks!

It’s a plague and pandemic marathon! After spending two days watching back to back pandemic movies, here are four that I believe warrant your attention. Rabies, zombies, and some diseases that will actually kill you! The set up is always same: scientist warnings, willful ignorance and political brush offs, and then comes panic and survival skills.

Like the saying goes, “Those who do not learn from the past live to repeat the past. And those who have learned from the past, get to experience others who didn’t learn from the past!

Anna Biller’s THE LOVE WITCH and Larry Wessel’s Bullfighting epic, TAUROBOLIUM are reviewed. Plus, a rant on the expensive rental fees during this era of quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic!

The Love Witch:


Foster care horrors and the tigers aren’t exactly having a good day either! Abigail Haunting and the Netflix series, Tiger King, are reviewed on this episode of Quarantine Theater.