Welcome to Vegas Apocalypse

Welcome to Vegas Apocalypse!  You know, just because apocalypse means the end of the world doesn’t mean it’s all bad.  Apocalypse also means revelation!  That which was covered up will now be uncovered. 

We’re going to uncover truths about Las Vegas.  There might be revelations about the city, an attraction, or uncovering secrets about yourself that you would never have known unless you came to Vegas. 

Las Vegas does have a way of bringing out the honesty in people.

dominionlv2The name ‘Vegas Apocalypse’ came to me when I was in the Philippines back in 2016.  I was watching a bootleg copy of Dominion, a TV series from the Sci Fi channel about angels who take over the world and guess where they base their capitol at? None other than good ole’ Las Vegas!  I saw that show and the words ‘Vegas Apocalypse’ suddenly came to my mind.


There have been many movies, books, and stories where Las Vegas features prominently in many end of the world scenarios.  Such as Stephen King’s The Stand, where Randall Flagg, the bringer of disease and destruction, makes his capitol in good ole’ Sin City. 


Resident Evil had Las Vegas is overrun by zombies, and of course many science fiction movies like Mar’s Attacks, Independence DayThe Amazing Colossal Man, , Honey I Blew Up The Kid, where Vegas features prominently in semi end of the world scenarios.


It might seem that many writers have it in for Las Vegas, but in many Vegas asked for it! When you think about it, scenarios that would scare many of us to the core have actually become amusements that you can experience right here in Las Vegas?  Afraid of being invaded by an outside force? At Apocalypse Vegas, not to be confused with this blog ‘Vegas Apocalypse’ you can be a part of an invading army and drive your own tank! 

Zombies are big in Las Vegas!  When they’re not mindlessly shoving dollars into slot machines, you can look for them at the Zombie Scavenger Hunt!  Afraid they’ll chase you into a room from which there is no escape?  Try the escape rooms then!  There are a number of escape rooms where you can be trapped and attempt to escape by looking for clues to get out of the room.  Or, you can watch trained zombies entertain you at David Saxe’s Zombie Burlesque.


Looking for signs in the sky? How about dragons flying over Las Vegas?

Dragons flew between the waters of the Bellagio fountain during their tribute to Game of Thrones? If flying dragons aren’t a sign of the Apocalypse, I don’t know what is.


One might think this is the result of many apocalyptic books and stories that keep putting Vegas in harm’s way, but that has always been the case with Las Vegas.  Our apocalyptic obsessions goes back to the days when atomic bombs exploded while people dined on the top of the Fremont Casino and watched with amusement. 

If there is boredom in your life, experience the Vegas Apocalypse!   The world may be falling apart, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a good time. After all, better to enjoy a simulated apocalypse than to experience the real thing.

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