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James Brewer and Dwayne Walker promoting a gallery show featuring ‘Erotic Playing Cards and Other Gambles’ to be held on the Queen Mary.

Jim Brewer called me. The pandemic, as it did many folk, left them indoors with a lot of free time.  Perfect time to go through their boxes and start organizing collections and projects!  Jim is a photographer whose colorful work includes shoots on movie sets with celebrities to industrial shoots, movie sets, and film advertisement.  

He was introduced to me by George Metivier, a photographer who passed away back in 2014. I produced and sponsored gallery shows for George and was preparing for a July 4th extravaganza I called ‘The Subversive Art Show’.  It reflected the reality that the world was being tamed and censorship could raise it’s ugly head at any moment. There was even a piercing demonstration at the Subversive Art Show put together by the Aesthetic Meat Factory. Pages of scriptures were torn out, dabbed in a saucer of cow’s blood, then applied to the models.  The theme was the Tower of Babel and the collapse of civilization. 

This art show happened within a year after 9/11.  

I was looking for other photographers to promote and George introduced me to James W Brewer.

George Metivier at work in ‘Occupy Eros: Requiem for a Photographer’.

George Metivier passed away in 2013.  He left nothing but volumes of intriguing art spanning decades. Including the goth scenes of the early 90s,  the women’s liberation movement of the 70s, and the twists and turns of cultural fads.

His collection of  historical works has no doubt found it’s way back to the Long Beach Historical Society, but his erotic works are probably being hidden in shame.  He was criticized, even during the time I knew him, by those who had a skittishness regarding sexually themed materials.  Not to mention angry boyfriends or husbands who, in  response to their wives/girlfriends decisions to pose for him, went out of their way to forbid their female companions from posing, including, in some cases, physical violence.

Jim Brewer is still with us and grants us the privilege of looking at his creation,  Erotic Playing Cards and Other Gambles.  

The Forbidden Deck, a retrospective of his playing cards, is screened in our ‘Theater of Sin’.  You will also find a tribute video I made about George called ‘Occupy Eros: Requiem for a Photographer‘. You will see George at work as he photographs models. Plus, revealing  interviews about the terrible things his models had to endure because of their boyfriend’s insecurity. 

There is an element of society apparently trying to bring us back to the days when the sight of a woman’s bare ankle was enough to upset the moral guardians.  You can get censored on social media.  Possibly get fired because of a tweet.  I think here, on Patreon, I’ve finally found a place where challenging videos and works of art can be displayed.

Let’s keep freedom of expression alive!  Help support the Vegas Apocalypse Theater of Sin.

Let’s keep the torch of free expression burning.]  

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